How did you make friends in the forest?

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How did you make friends in the forest?…Annie H.

Hi Annie.  It was easy making friends in the forest, because I never had to try.  They made friends with me…but I don’t know why.  Maybe they knew I was lost and needed friends, or maybe they just liked puppies.  Either way, I think I was very lucky that they enjoyed my company, and I’ll never forget their kindness.

I’m glad you’re not lost in a forest.  If you have people in your life (and maybe even an animal) who love you in the safety of your home and neighborhood, then you are indeed fortunate.  I can tell you this:  The forest is a nice place to visit, but not a great place to be lost.  Even though I had friends, sometimes it was scary and dangerous.

If you’re ever lost in a forest, be sure to stay in one place.  Don’t continue to wander alone.  It’s easier for friends and family to find you.  I kept moving deeper and deeper into the forest and before I knew it I was very lost and had no idea how to get back to where I’d started.

When you’re going to camp or take a day hike in a forest, make sure that you keep on the paths that the rangers have marked.  Talk with your parents and friends about what would be the best thing to do if any of them found themselves lost so you are all prepared.  Always let everyone you’re travelling with know where you’re going.

It’s great fun visiting the forest, but not so much fun to be lost.  I hope you never are!

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