Flap Fans

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Flapjack smiling


Flap loves to hear from his fans and he gets especially excited when they send him photos and drawings.  Here are a few he thought you might enjoy too!  Feel free to Connect with Flap and let him know if you’re enjoying his books and if you have any questions he can answer for you.

Flapjack Reed gets his first book!

Flapjack had no idea there was a little puppy in Arkansas also named Flapjack.  He was so thrilled to hear from the puppy’s mom and dad, Beth and Collin, about how they selected his first book.  Yes….Australian Shepherds have been known to learn to read.  Check it out here.  


This is what Beth shared about The Adventures of Flapjack – Finding Where I Belong


“I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I loved your book, “The Adventures of Flapjack!” Not knowing about your book, we stumbled upon it two weeks after bringing home our Australian Shepherd puppy, named Flapjack. We bought copies for all our nieces and nephews for Christmas and the story is so perfect.

Thanks again!”





Flap was so happy that Flapjack’s (aka Jack’s) mom and dad picked his book that he promised to send a copy of The Collar of Courage and Saying Goodbye to him and his kitty sibling, Waffle, as soon as both were available.  Flapjack kept his promise and here’s a picture of Flap’s paw pal receiving them! You can also see more of Waffle and Flapjack on Instagram at @waffleandflapjack.


Jack reads Flap's note that came with his books.
Jack receives a present from his paw pal, Flap.
Looks like Jack just got surprised by Waffle.

Paws down….I think Jack is letting Waffle know he gets to read his new books first. What do you think? Will Jack share his books with his sister?

Wow! Presents from my paw pal Flapjack! 

 And a note too!!!!


You can only imagine Flap’s surprise when he opened a bulging package delivered by the Post Office to find letters and drawings from his “Flap Fans” sent to him from Mrs. Olesen’s 2nd and 3rd grade classes in Maine.

Mrs. Olesen read Flap’s books to the children and they immediately formed a bond with our intrepid Aussie.  He’s so thrilled!  He wishes he could visit them in person.

Here are the drawings along with Flap’s Fans’ letters just as they wrote them.  He hopes you enjoy reading them as much as he does!



 “I realy liked your storys my favrite part is the part when Flapjack says me and my butt are staying rite here and the part before that.  What’s your third book about?”



 “Mrs. Olesen read your stories about Flapjack.  My favorite part was when pit bully started geting nice.  I like to cuddle with my dog cosmo he is a chawieny a chawieny is a mix between a doxsined and a chawawa.  I have a question, how is the thired book coming out?  I really like the illustrations too.”


Drawing by Zane

I enjoyed the part when Flapjack saved the lady who was in the car.  I have one dog named Bentley who probely like Flapjack.  Did you go to the pet store and get the collar of courage?”


 “I riley like your books.  Their amazing!  I use to have 2 dogs, but they dieed.  Now I have 2 rats.  It made me laugh waen Pit Bully said I’ll bite your butt.”



“I really injod yor storys about Flapjack.  I can reely tel hou much you love him vary much!  My favet part in the frst book wara Flapjack tride to flie! that was really funy! In the secind book I liket the part wen he tried to find his bravery behind a garbag can!  that was prity funy to. Ho I hav a dog and I sumtims wite storys about him.”


Drawing by Ziza

“I really like the part when Flapjack saves the lady from the car accident it was amazing.  i rilly like it because it really iksitting.  I really like to read books.  How is the third book going?”


Drawing by Brody

 “The book you make are good.  My faverit pate is the pate wen Flapjacke siad perope the collar of courage will make me fine.”


Drawing by Max

“I want to kow what is Flapjacke fafritt thing to do did he relye see the bully? at the park.  When you went to the park and was the bone relly under the bed? and the best part in the bully won is where the cars crash in to ech chathr and Flapjack went in to the fire and savd the gil.”


Drawing by Jonah
Drawing by Jane

 “Mrs. Olesen red the 2 books you made they were great!  I herd that you were writing a 3rd book.  Is the book coming along great! I love your books because Flap Jack is soo funny.  I also love when you put funny words in the sentenses!  My faverit part was when Flap Jack gets to fly on Fowlers back.  I also like when he says but I don’t know why.” 


“I like your storys very much.  I like when FlapJack is with the collar of courage.  It is a grate story.  I hope other story is going on.  I know that the nexst story about FlapJack is going to be so good.  I can not wait to read the nexst story about FlapJack.  I have a dog named snowy he is a good dog like FlapJack.  I write about snowy like you.”


Drawing by Quinn

 “Mrs. Olsen read your books to us.  I think Flapjack is a really special dog.  How is your therd book comeing?  I like to play soccer in my spare time.  I liked the part when Flapjack was looking for his bone even thow it was right under his bed.  It was very funny!”


Drawing by Nicholas

“I really like your storis.  My favrite part in the collar of courage was wen Flapjack ran in to the sweater and hit the tree and then had the ice pack.  Andy your words that popt out could give me a good picture in my head.  And when Flapjack was to hevey that Fowler couttint lift him up.  And when he ascapt from the sheriff truck and found a home.  And when he saw Fowler again.  And when Fowler and Flapjack made friens.  And when Fowler gave Flapjack a feather to remember him.  And I will love your therd book coming out!!”


Drawing by Ansel

 “I loved your stories so much.  Ms. Olesen ready your stories to us.  How ar you doing with your 3rd storie going?  My favarit part was when Flapjack rid on Fowlers back.  What do you do when you aren’t righting?”


Drawing by Jovita
Drawing by Audrey

 “I love your dog in the buocks.  I love your pichrs.  My name is Jovita and I lov your dog so much.  I love wen Flapjack ran into the tree.”



 “I heard both Flapjack storys from Mrs. Oleson.  I enjoyed Finding were, I belong the most. My favorite part was when Flapjack got to rid through the night on fowlers back when he was a puppy.  In collar of courage I liked when he saved the women in the car accident.  How is your new book going? Also in collar of courage I liked when Flapjack found out that he was not waring the collar of courage.  I love to write and read.”


Drawing by Alethea

 “I liked when you wrote Flapjack saved some one.  I was wondering if Flapjack achuly saved oneone!  Flapjack is pobally speical to you.  I have two cats.  I think it was a good idea to write some of the words in different colors.  i really enjoyed your story.”



Drawing by Chloe

“Mrs. Olesen red your Flapjack storys about him.  Hows the third book? I really like when Flapjack gets the collar of courage and defends his friends and himself. When I red your storys I thought about my cats, Nutball and Millie.”


Drawing by Haylee
Drawing by Jack

“Mrs. Olesen red the 1erst book How lisv yarr 3erd book going. I really wat to hear the 3erd book.  Because I wat to hear how it go’s Wat is Flapjack’s faeverit toy’s an games.”


 “Mrs. Olesen read us your stories I loved them. Oh and hows is your theered storie comeing.  My fovorite part was wan Flapjack rode Fowler oh and i have a dog named sophie she cout and Flapjack cout my name.”