FAQ (Flap Answers Questions)

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Dan and Flapjack

Dan and Flapjack hang out talking about future books in the Flapjack series.

FAQ (Flap Answers Questions) is something Flapjack really looks forward to doing.  Please send your inquiries to him via the Connect With Flap page and he’ll respond as quickly as possible.

When it appears that all his fans will benefit from a response to a particular question, he’ll post both the question and answer to it here.  He and Dan work as a team.  In fact here they are in one of their work sessions deciding the best course of action in responding to questions received.

Please be sure to “Follow” his posts so you’re kept in the know.

He hopes you enjoy his responses.


2 comments on “FAQ (Flap Answers Questions)
  1. Addison V says:

    How are you doing, Flap?

    • Flapjack says:

      Hi Addison,
      How nice of you to contact me! My Mom and Dad are back from their trip to your school and they said they had a great time. As you know, Dad had me on a time out and I could not attend. He says I am guilty of eating his shorts, but I claim innocence and demand a trial. Perhaps next time I will be able to take a trip or two. Meanwhile, my Mom and
      Dad wanted you to know how much they enjoyed talking with all of the students at The Family School and sharing my book. We all hope that you enjoy the story and keep reading!

      Best wishes,

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