About the Illustrators

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Flapjack and Dan worked very hard with the folks who illustrated the two books in the children’s series, The Adventures of Flapjack.  Their goals were to create stories that would come to life both through word and picture.   Flapjack and Dan feel very fortunate they were able to collaborate with two very talented illustrators.  Each have their own way of drawing and so the style of their pictures are very different from book to book.

Here’s a bit about each of them.  We hope you enjoy them both!

Mark Anderson, Illustrator - Self Portrait

Mark Anderson, Illustrator – Self Portrait


Book 1 – The Adventures of Flapjack – Finding Where I Belong

Mark Anderson attended Drake University, moved to Chicago and opened his own studio.  His illustrations have appeared in Time, the New Yorker, National Geographic, the Atlantic Monthly, Business Week, and many other periodicals.  He also illustrated and designed the book, For the Love of the Cubs, which turned into a series of more than 15 books including his favorite, O Is for Obama with the Washington Post.  If that weren’t enough, he has illustrated the country’s longest running illustrated advertising campaign for Allstate Insurance.  His website is located at http://www.markandersonillustration.com/ and he can be reached by email at mark@markandersonillustration.com.

Lisa Norman, Illustrator, and her friend, Pancho.

Lisa Norman, Illustrator, and her friend, Pancho


Book 2 The Adventures of Flapjack – The Collar of Courage 
Book 3 – The Adventures of Flapjack – Saying Goodbye

Lisa Norman is a California-based illustrator, designer, print maker, and educator with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.  Illustrating children’s books has been one of her many dreams (come true).  Her experience as an educator in the U.S. and Japan has inspired her to combine her two passions:  art and education.

She aspires to teach children using her artwork and her youthful approach to life.  She loves spending time with her fiance Tyler and their dog Pancho.  For more on Lisa’s art, visit http://www.rawrink.com.