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The Adventures of Flapjack - About The Books


TheAdventuresofFlapjack_Cover-300x300The children’s book, The Adventures of FlapjackFinding Where I Belong, is the  first in a series.  It is a heartfelt fully illustrated narrative poem for children.  Flapjack is an Australian Shepherd puppy lost in the forest.  He’s confused and a bit scared, but he puzzles his way through it all.  He accepts and moves forward.

By sharing his experiences, children may be more inclined to adapt from one situation to another by relating their own concerns to his.  In fact, Flapjack invites children to work through some of the questions and confusion he encounters during his adventures.  His positive outlook and ability to adapt to different situations and surroundings are qualities which resonate with children.  And children want to help Flap figure it all out by responding when he says “…but I don’t know why.”  The Adventures of FlapjackFinding Where I Belong, is illustrated by renown illustrator, Mark Anderson, and is now available through bookstores and online distributors like AuthorHouse, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

The Adventures of Flapjack - Collar of CourageContinuing a desire to present issues that children typically encounter, the second book in the series, The Adventures of Flapjack – Collar of Courage has Flapjack facing a bully and dealing with a bruised self-esteem. Perhaps a “magical” collar will come to the rescue?

This award winning book is illustrated by the immensely talented Lisa Norman. It helps children more easily address the issues of bullying and self-esteem.  Topics parents are keenly concerned about.  As with the first book, Flapjack invites  his readers to help him puzzle through some of the questions he has about others and himself as he wonders “…but I don’t know why.” 



The Adventures of Flapjack - Saying Goodbye - Get Your Copy NowIT’S HERE!  The award winning, The Adventures of FlapjackSaying Goodbye is the third in the Adventures of Flapjack series.  The first two books followed the intrepid Australian Shepherd as he encountered the same types of issues that children face, such as adaptation, bullying and self esteem.  These books engaged readers with a whimsical quality and a touch of humor.

This story, which is also beautifully illustrated by Lisa Norman, addresses loss and sets a more serious tone.  How will the fun-loving and upbeat Flapjack react to a life-altering trauma?  Those who are familiar with Flapjack might have a good idea.




All published books are available through bookstores and online distributors like Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  All net proceeds from the sale of Flapjack’s adventures are being donated to NoKidHungry.org an organization championed by Jeff Bridges.