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Dan Cohen, Author

Dan Cohen, Author

The author, Dan Cohen was raised by wolves until he was 18.  When his pack told him to get packing and fend for himself, he began a new life, but he never expected to be an author of children’s books.  Instead, he’s been a state park dog patrol ranger, environmental administrator, managing attorney and pro-tem judge.  His canine roots ran deep, and dogs have always been a big part of his life.  When he and Flapjack found each other, there was an immediate connection which has evolved into a series of stories about the intrepid Aussie.

Much like the story, Flapjack was lost in a forest before being rescued and placed for adoption.  Flapjack has such personality.  He’s positive, good natured and always ready to play.

One can only imagine what that experience must have been like for him.  And that’s exactly what Dan has done.  He’s used Flapjack as his muse and inspiration to write a series of children’s stories that hopefully will help kids deal with many of life’s ups and downs by engaging them in Flapjack’s discussion with himself in the form of “…but I don’t know why.”

Dan’s love of writing is second only to his devotion to his family which include his wife, Kim, two children and two grandchildren. Dan, Kim, and Flapjack reside in northern California.

Dan’s passion for children and the issues they face has extended specifically to the issue of child hunger in the United States.  To that end, he has decided to donate all net sales proceeds from The Adventures of Flapjack series to NoKidHungry.org championed by Jeff Bridges.  Feel free to visit Dan on Goodreads at and Amazon.

Flapjack’s own musings geared toward adults can be found on his blog titled, Observations of Flapjack:  A Dog and His Blog.   He hopes you will visit it and let him know what you think.